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We will do our due diligence throughout our intake and application process to ensure the best quality individuals are brought forward. We will happily work with our clientele to ensure our team members are rewarded with a safe, positive, and motivating work environment. We will only provide the best service and support to our clientele and team members to ensure everyone is set for success.

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TIPS Personnel is a revolutionary placement agency that matches our candidates not just with any company, but the right company. Our goal is to help find the best position for you, where you will be able to grow and succeed. Our team focuses on the attitude, experience and willingness of our applicants and employees- which makes for the best placements possible. We genuinely care about our team and will do our best to find the right placement for you!

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TIPS is the leading placement agency for all your industrial labour positions, across the industry. We offer both temporary, day-to-day work and full time placements and projects. Whether you are looking to gain some work experience, need help getting your foot in the door with a great company, want to keep busy during your off-season or just need some fill-in work on your days off… We are here for you.

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There is a stigma in the staffing industry, and we are working hard to change it- one face at a time. Our staff build relationships with each individual; learning about their personal life, likes and dislikes, experience and skills, willingness and most importantly, their attitude. Our goal is to raise up the community, and provide opportunities to those who might not have the chance anywhere else. So why choose TIPS? Apply today and see for yourself!

changing the face of the staffing industry

TIPS Personnel is a revolutionary recruitment agency changing the face of the staffing industry. With passionate recruiters, a well balanced National team, and a nearly flawless intake process, we are confident you will be satisfied with our services.

We are a Nationwide agency with office locations in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta. Operating from these offices, our staff recruit remotely for all locations across the country. 

Conducting in-person interviews, over-the-phone interviews and video interviews, are just a few of the ways that we have adapted to the ever evolving industry. 

We offer in-town recruiting, remote recruiting and out-of-town/camp recruiting; with an extensive candidate pool in a variety of different industries.

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