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At TIPS, we're invested in our employees' success, from start to finish and beyond. Our commitment to our team members is evident in the inspiring success stories we've seen over the years. From employees who got their start with us and went on to run their own successful businesses, to team members who've overcome personal obstacles to achieve their professional goals. We are proud to have played a role in our employees’ journeys.

My time with TIPS was exceptionally rewarding. Their professional and welcoming team consistently provided diverse job opportunities. During those jobs, I was able to meet a variety of interesting people, some of whom later became friends. The flexible work schedule was a major plus, but the greatest benefit was acquiring numerous new and useful skills across different jobs. Overall, my experience with TIPS was enriching, both professionally and personally.

Nikita Lebedev


I got a call from TIPS one day to supply me with temporary work. The experience was great and they paid well. The girls in the office were wonderful to deal with and the the whole process was easy and positive! After working with the same company temporarily for a while, they offered full time employment with a raise. I'm currently working for that home builder as a field technician thanks to TIPS, Kate and the girls in the office. I would definitely work through TIPS again!

Trevor Bushell


I  relocated from Ontario to Alberta. The job I transferred for did not work  out. I contacted TIPS Personnel for work, initially thinking it would be temporary. As it turned out, I found the full time job that I now have. Wouldn't have done that without TIPS. Many thanks for that.  


One of the best employment agencies in Calgary. I came from Ontario, almost 2 months were gone, no reply for jobs from anywhere. I applied to so many companies for jobs. I registered with TIPS on a Thursday and I was working on the following Monday. Quite responsive staff. They even stay in touch over the phone for any query or help. 100% recommended.

Vishu Sharma


TIPS is the best agency I've ever worked with. Before October 2021, I was struggling to find work. I was working with another agency, and I had to use my right to refuse unsafe work at multiple sites, or the locations would have aggressive staff, or the contracts offered were on day to day notice with no set hours. The pay was decent at one site, but the rest were bare bones minimum. When I got fed up, I went to TIPS. It was across the city, so a little inconvenient to travel to, but once I ended up making the trip, it was completely worth it.

To start, the staff are extremely kind, accommodating, and understanding. When you speak with them, you get the sense that they want nothing more than for you to succeed and grow. They care about you. Secondly, if you show them that you can work hard and are determined to succeed, then they'll do what they can to offer you the best contract. Lastly, they offer quality jobs. I only ever had to take one contract with them, because after my 400 hours were completed, the company hired me on directly. It's a job with easy travel from home, I get paid well, and most of all I enjoy the work, it suits me.

If you work hard and want a good job, go to TIPS. They will do everything they can to get you on the path to success!

Cody Darveau


My name is Max, I have enjoyed working with TIPS for a while now. They have been excellent at providing work and I have had the opportunity to grow and develop my trade skills with different types of positions.

I have now been working consistently with one of the regular companies and I am hoping to get hired on once I have completed my hours.

I would recommend anyone needing work to join this company.



I started working for TIPS in the midst of COVID. Even with little experience, they were kind enough to give me a shot.

A few months later - I am now working towards getting hired on full time for one of their clients. Very grateful to have been part of the team, much love.



I came to TIPS in dire need of work, not having much success anywhere else. I was also going through a troubled time. The wonderful ladies at TIPS had me going out to jobs the very next day! I provided them solid service and they provided me all the work I needed. Eventually, I was put on a job where I kept going back long enough, they eventually offered me a job!

If you're looking for solid work and willing to return the favour, by delivering the type of service you'd want to see someone put in to you're own company, if you were to have one - TIPS is the perfect place for you!

These ladies are a wonderful bunch! Full of compassion and willing to put in that effort to ensure you're getting the money you need. I've tried many different temporary agencies, TIPS is the ONLY one that ever made me feel like I was a human being, not just another number in this world. Not just other temp agencies, the vast majority of work places could really learn how to massively improve their companies through these ladies at TIPS.



My name is Ara. When I started with TIPS, I thought there was no chance of getting hired at any company because I was going to different job sites all the time. But I can’t say enough good things about the staff.

From start to finish, everyone was so helpful and kind. They motivated me to never give up and check it out before deciding to say no, and that’s exactly what I did. I am now hired on with an amazing company through TIPS and I love what I do.

I am very grateful and appreciative that I got the help and support from such an incredible team at TIPS Personnel.



My name is Thomas, and I was a team member of TIPS Personnel.

Before TIPS, I had a full time job. It was an alright gig. However after 10 years of the same game, day in-day out, I needed a change - I needed a challenge. So I went back to school and I gathered a handful of tickets. I tried getting back into the work force but couldn't due to the lack of experience. Turns out, although you’re certified and trained.... Companies want experience rather than proof of tickets. Though tickets and experience can take you to amazing places, I only had a part of the equation and I couldn't succeed directly in what I wanted to do.

So instead of staying at home and collecting CERB, I decided to join TIPS, where for the last 6 months or so I've been to maybe 6 different places. I worked hard, I put effort into my work and always had a good attitude. I proved myself and lo and behold, I'm now full-time at one of the places I worked at. I got to say, it's a wonderful feeling. It's always great getting a job you wanted, and already have experience in.

This door I walked throw has many, many doors that I can continue to grow and excel. Maybe, just maybe, I will never need to find another job again. I still and always will push myself to being better than I was yesterday! I always put my best foot forward even in unexpected or inexperienced situations! I may not always have the answers but I'm always willing to learn!

I hope this inspires someone else wanting to be the change. Change requires ACTION!!



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